Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Forth
Day 35

© A.K.Simon - Spring Forth - Oil on Wood -  8" x 8"


As I sit here sweltering in the upstairs room where I have my computer I'm thinking about all of the things I saw today that were coming to life in our yard and flower beds. So, why am I sweltering? I absolutely refuse to start the air conditioner in March in Ohio. If I had painted these eggs in this room today they probably would have hatched. These items are all symbols of nature and life. The egg is such a universal symbol of new life. The branch with its new leaves and the tomato with enough seeds in each with the potential to feed a small army all speak of something to come. Anticipation can be so much more exciting than the actual event. Can you tell I love Spring? So I wonder why we are skipping it this year. We went from a nondescript Winter to Summer. Plus, who wants to do their Spring yard work in 80 degree heat? (Just kidding - I don't want to do it whatever the temperature - well mowing and mulching for the most part!) BTW, my brain still hasn't sprung forward - may take till falling back for that to happen.


  1. HI, AK - I am originally from Cleveland, and I'm sure I can't remember a March like this one! If you get your a/c out, it will be broken by snow in three weeks, that's for sure! I"m loving your work, and glad I found you on DPW.

    (Enjoy the early spring)

    1. Hi Sarah: My husband grew up in Lorain and I in Canton so I have been to Cleveland many times. I love it at Christmas! I saw that you now live in Oregon so that is about as far away as you can get. This is actually the only year I ever remember in my life that we did not shovel once this winter. It's actually a little scary. I'm waiting for the snow to get here about Easter : )

      Thanks for your kind words, I love DPW and I too have admired your work many times!

      BTW my daughter's name is Sarah


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