Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catching Morning's Light - 8" x 16" oil
Day 27

© A.K.Simon - Catching Morning's Light - 8" x 16" oil

I do like painting plein air but it seems I can rarely get myself organized enough to get out when I think the light is best. I'm such a snob about mid-day light. It does not inspire me at all. Being the lover of dramatic light, I like to get out around 6 - 7 AM for maybe 3 hours then not again until around 7:00 PM till just before sundown (in the summer especially).

This work was done plein air in a limited amount of time. I went out before work in the AM and sat on my patio and painted these flowers that I had noticed over several days caught a beautiful partial morning light. Hey, if Monet could paint his own garden, why not me? So many people pack up all their gear and travel hours from home to paint plein air. It would be nice if I had the time and resources but I really can find so many simple, beautiful things in my own back yard. These pots are made from extruded clay pipe cut by a regional clay manufacturer. Logan Clay actually makes two times a year when they will extrude pipe for the purpose of inviting artists in to transform the clay into shapes, objects - this is a juried process and can be grueling work if you do get accepted in the workshop (hot, dirty and bicep building). The background is the wooden fence behind the pots.

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