Monday, February 29, 2016


copyright A.K.SIMON - Spillway 8"x 8" oil on gessobord - SOLD

I got to the studio class late and helped a fellow artist with some Facebook issues then finally got around to painting. I knew there would not be enough time to paint everything that was in the set up so I judiciously selected items and rendered them as quickly as possible.. Long story short, a friend I was painting with said I want to buy this painting to keep you from painting any more on it. I don't know if I'm flattered or sad that she knows that I tend to overpaint when I think too much. I did paint a little more on it trying to keep the freshness (hope she doesn't notice).

My approach in this piece was to adjust my thoughts from painting on a flat surface to thinking more of sculpting the pieces and coaxing them out of the surface. Seems weird I know but in doing this mind shift the pieces seemed to develop more quickly. And, it doesn't hurt that I love the blue bowl with the oranges. It also helped to develop the story line in my head that I wanted these items to look like the bowl tipped and I wanted the pieces to seem like they were still in motion. 

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