Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rainiers and Tea

© A.K.SIMON - Rainiers and Tea - Oil on Panel - $100

This is a really traditional little oil painting. Sometimes "old school" is a nice place to rest. Mainly when I look at a painting like this, I wax/wane for times past. The times in my life when there was little noise and time to think (and of course there is that younger thing). A time when the cherries and apples came from farms a few miles from your home and the tea was good old Lipton from your local grocer not a mega store. 

All of my paintings have the subtitle (you never see it but it is there) "a view from my hiding place". Of course my hiding place is behind the paint brush and the place portrayed is of my own creation. You will either see a literal translation (as this painting) or as the essence/energy I feel from a subject. As  the artist I have the advantage of saying something without words but to none-the-less, say something. Whether you want to listen is your choice. I never presume that my view is the only one and am not arrogant enough to believe that I have the insight into how you should view anything. What I paint is purely an opinion from my limited experience.

I have to admit the ugliness of an election year has driven me to my "hiding place" with a greater regularity! And, I am so grateful for that lovely "mute" button. It is very revealing to watch body language when you can't hear the words.

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