Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In Season

©A.K.SIMON - In Season - 10"x10" oil on linen - SOLD

About a month ago I painted this painting. It was based on a small sketch I did with the upstairs painters. I love how this turned out - loose and a sense of place and space. This is one I submitted for jurying into the All Ohio Show at the Zanesville Ohio Museum of Art. Well, it failed to meet whatever the standards are for this year. I was bummed because I thought it really commanded some attention (of course I did). But, this Saturday at a show I did in German Village, OH this was the first painting to sell. The gentleman looked at it, didn't hesitate and said, "I want that, frame and all." When we finished the transaction, I said, "thank you so much for supporting my work." He said, "no thank you for painting it."  Makes you want to cry right? We all know how hard we work for this validation.

Sometimes I wonder if works are pre-screened for big shows and the juror only gets to see what the event planners want them to see. Sour grapes? I'm not so sure, because this is a small painting and probably wouldn't bring in much for the museum. But after selling paintings for years I have realized that the universe works to get the paintings exactly where they should be. Long story short, I need to get busy painting because it was an awesome show. It was a ticketed event and people came to appreciate art and artists - how awesome is that?!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sturdy Rose Stock

© A.K.SIMON - Sturdy Rose Stock - 10x10" oil - $125 


A few years ago I planted some beautiful roses. Long story short - they died. Don't know what I did but they just wouldn't survive. About two years later this plant started growing along the fence and bloomed with these beautiful little white flowers that smelled just like roses. The plant grew like a weed and I was constantly trimming it back (notice I said "was" - I had to get rid of it because walkway interference and thorn issue). After doing some research I found that it was the sturdy stock that all hybrid roses are grafted too so they will thrive. The amazing thing is that it waited two years before resurfacing. It was such a natural fit putting these sturdy flowers in this beautiful "earthy" colored pot (thanks Donna). 

I used my rubber blade to paint quite a bit of this painting and my new favorite color, cobalt aqua by Utrecht.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wild Red Roses

© A.K.SIMON - 10"x10" Oil on Birch - $125

Another Tuesday morning "Zen" moment. It can be really difficult to paint complicated, compact flowers without getting too fussy. So, I just started by placing brushstrokes side by side without much fuss and they suddenly became an interpretation of what I felt. These are from Donna's garden - I love this time of year! Gotta love permanent Rose!
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