Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Spotlight is Humbling

© A.K.SIMON - The Spotlight Is Humbling - oil on linen - $100

Many years ago I planted daffodil bulbs in what was then a wide open area. Over the years a bush has taken over most of that area and in the spring when the bulbs bloom the daffodils must search for the light. This year they bloomed and I quickly cut them because the stems were so strained. I put this one in a vase by itself because it was so bent over. The sun was coming through the window to the right and the daffodil had the most beautiful glow so I photographed it for future use. The future is now. I guess the moral of the story is that when seeking the spotlight, at times we are forced to bow our heads in humility.

PS: I love blue glass in the light!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tulip Spirit

©A.K.SIMON - Tulip Spirit - oil on linen $100


Every spring when I see the first leaves of the tulips coming up (sometimes through the snow) I tell my husband, "well there is still hope for the world because the tulips are peaking through the ground." (yes, every year I say the same thing - wonder if he realizes it) Seeing something grow is a spiritual experience for me. It is said that the greatest expression of a plants energy is its flower. So all of this in mind, I painted this painting, "tulip spirit" to express the energy I imagine this flower exudes. I staged the light and tried to pay particular attention to the edges while trying to maintain spontaneity. I like the result of the effort. I'm really loving the way the paint moves on this linen. It is such a fine weave I purposely allow it to show.  

Thursday, September 6, 2012

French Onion "Wanna-be"

©A.K.SIMON - French Onion "Wanna-be" - oil on linen - $100

I love this painting. Sometimes the lighting is so inspiring you can't help but race to get the paint on. And, in racing to get that paint on, you get some nice brush work. Sometimes (most times) I tend to labor over some area of a painting and lose the spontaneity. It didn't happen in this one so that's why I love it. So it's not such a glamorous subject but I have to say, onions are pretty important staple in our kitchen. I can't think of anything I cook that isn't made better by an onion - sort of like bacon or butter - it's gotta be good with these three ingredients. I'm also making the assumption that these onions want to become french onion soup because I'm just sure that is the pinnacle of desire for all onions. ☺

As an aside, this was done in our Tuesday Upstairs Painters class and this is a fraction of a larger set up by Mary Spires. The light is coming from the window above and behind the onions. Also, it is so appropriate to paint linen on linen. I love the texture on these small Centurion Deluxe Oil Primed Linen panels. I think I'll research some larger ones from the same company. They take the paint to effortlessly if that's what you want.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mum's the Word

©A.K.SIMON - Mum's The Word - 6x6 oil on panel $59
A few years ago I struggled through a book called Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green. I can't remember the author but it was very technical about how the physics of light determine color. I definitely need to revisit that book because I am doing many plein air paintings these days and struggle with green. You should take a look at that book though because it is very interesting, but you need to be in the right frame of mine. I just thought of it because I did use blue and yellow to make this neon green. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012


©A.K.SIMON - D'Anjou - 6x6 oil on linen - SOLD

Man I really love d'anjou pears. I buy them and can hardly wait till they are ripe to eat them. And, on occasion I've tried to forgo that ripening - don't go there. Did you ever notice what a fine line there is between when they ripen and when you eat them. You have about 1 day and they turn to mush. Whatever you do, don't refrigerate them or they never ripen. So, back to the painting, when this set up was done on Tues. the most enticing piece was the pear and I think there is no question what this painting is all about. There's the pear and everything else in subordination. I tried to make a little vibration between the yellow and purple, but the pear is "queen" of the stage. I like the harmony in this piece.
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