Saturday, September 1, 2012


©A.K.SIMON - D'Anjou - 6x6 oil on linen - SOLD

Man I really love d'anjou pears. I buy them and can hardly wait till they are ripe to eat them. And, on occasion I've tried to forgo that ripening - don't go there. Did you ever notice what a fine line there is between when they ripen and when you eat them. You have about 1 day and they turn to mush. Whatever you do, don't refrigerate them or they never ripen. So, back to the painting, when this set up was done on Tues. the most enticing piece was the pear and I think there is no question what this painting is all about. There's the pear and everything else in subordination. I tried to make a little vibration between the yellow and purple, but the pear is "queen" of the stage. I like the harmony in this piece.

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