Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tulip Spirit

©A.K.SIMON - Tulip Spirit - oil on linen $100


Every spring when I see the first leaves of the tulips coming up (sometimes through the snow) I tell my husband, "well there is still hope for the world because the tulips are peaking through the ground." (yes, every year I say the same thing - wonder if he realizes it) Seeing something grow is a spiritual experience for me. It is said that the greatest expression of a plants energy is its flower. So all of this in mind, I painted this painting, "tulip spirit" to express the energy I imagine this flower exudes. I staged the light and tried to pay particular attention to the edges while trying to maintain spontaneity. I like the result of the effort. I'm really loving the way the paint moves on this linen. It is such a fine weave I purposely allow it to show.  

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