Saturday, June 9, 2012


© A.K.SIMON - Poppies - Oil on Linen Pane - $45

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I've been on a self imposed (or season imposed) sabbatical from painting. For the last two weeks I have taken the time to trim, weed, edge, plant and revamp our landscaping. The deed is done (and I'm done-in).  I have read many artists stories and quite a few stated they do most of their hard painting work in the winter months so summer can be kept for warm weather obligations.

I found it really hard to start this painting. After not doing it for just a short time it is much harder to feel confidence in your choices and flow was just not coming (probably too tired). This is not the best photo of this work and the original looks much better so I will try to post a better picture soon. This is a "getting my feet wet again piece" so I had no goal but to finish it as quick as possible.

Goals for next week will be working on Notan. I have kept up with the figure drawing - no sabbatical there!
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