Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Seeking Sanctuary

© Seeking Sanctuary - 6"x6" oil on linen 

Every year we try to make a trip in the Hocking Hills of Ohio which is about an hour from where we live. I've noticed this beautiful little church off to the side of the road each year but never really thought about painting it until this year. The older I get the more I seek sanctuary from the everyday grind, especially in a presidential election year. And, as simple as it sounds, what better place to find peace than in an actual sanctuary. 

At first I wondered if this particular church was even in use anymore because it looked so overgrown. Almost like the earth had decided it should be reclaimed. But, then I saw that the steps were clear though the bushes and grass were not trimmed. Maybe the earth is not reclaiming it, just protecting it from something we may not know is coming. The fall colors have enveloped it like a quilt and make it the perfect place to seek the peace that passes all understanding.

This type of fall scene makes me feel grateful for living in the midwest even if I do know what's coming next!
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