Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Gulp Tea Time
Day 24

© A.K.SIMON - Big Gulp Tea Time - 6"x6" oil on linen panel

This is a quick study arranged by Donna Noice on Tues. The picture appears a little "glarey" because I just photographed it outside and it is "really" wet.

As I was painting this thinking, "man what a big cup for tea," I  heard Barb discussing her drawing with Donna and they were commenting on the cup size to vase proportion. If you think about it you would be drinking a half of a vase of coffee/tea in this cup. That would be one huge "pick-me-up" in the AM. Gotta think about those portion sizes - oh yeah, I guess black coffee doesn't count - of course bitter, black, smelly stuff is calorie free! (not a coffee drinker)

There are things I would have done differently in this painting if starting over but moving on to the next.

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