Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Dependant Relationship
Day 34

© A.K.Simon Art - A Dependant Relationship - 6" x 6" - oil

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Are all relationships dependant in some way? I was talking with my husband about this the other day then this scene was presented in class and I just kept ruminating about the subject of dependance. The flower won't survive without the water vessel. Being an artist for probably most of us is a very tough life. You're driven to produce but sometimes the reason for your drive is not even known to you. Your work for the most part is appreciated by all but there is little understanding of the time and angst that sometimes goes into the creative process.

Anyway, the question for me is whether I could survive without his financial support (that's a flat out NO) but I especially could not survive without his emotional support.  He gave me the usual lecture (you see we've been through this before) that success is not only measured monetarily but in the lives touched and people inspired to see beauty where they might not have noticed or taken the time to see. Then he said something that touched my heart so much I will never forget. He said, "you know I am dependant on you too and look to you for inspiration. Every day I look forward to seeing what you have created. Sometimes I am amazed at what I see."

So, I guess yes is the answer. Sometimes we just don't know how much someone else depends on us until we have a meltdown and they have to tell us. So take that Visa and Mastercard - this month I'm paying in inspiration points!


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