Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fiber Optics
Day 37

© A.K.SIMON - Fiber Optics - 8 x 8 - oil on wood

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Okay, so why "Fiber Optics" you say? I'm still reading the Eating Clean book (it's taking me forever) and have been reading about fiber and so you are seeing fiber (get it, optic nerve - bowl of fiber laden fruit). Silly I know but why take myself too serious. (You're lucky, the first title was Fiber up the Ying Yang, Literally.) My goal was to really show a traditional type still life with a very severe, contemporary-like persepctive. So, here it is - this bowl is really quite tall.

So back to this book -  this book suggests I pack a cooler each day with the items I am supposed to eat for the day to avoid outside temptations. Really,  this just has to be too embarassing? You show up at work, everybody has their little tub of yogurt, ramen soup or celery sticks and here you come with your cooler touting you are "on a diet". Not that I would care what people think if it works but if I really ate all that I am supposed to have in this cooler every day, I would be flying over Cleveland Stadium with the name "Goodyear" on my side. These amounts have to equal about 2,500 calories/day. Doesn't she know that I am down to 800 - 1000/day? Seriously, she does have many good recommendations and she looks awesome, but a cooler - I think not. I am more of a Sparkpeople kind of person. Plug in the # of calories you want to eat, click the menu and print - hang it on the fridge and you're good to go get started on that daily painting!


  1. Love it! Love the title! Miss you guys!

    1. So get back here where you belong Mary. Had the Collage group show at Inniswood today. Turnout was okay - the day was overcast - but I had a good time.


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