Friday, March 2, 2012

Admiration, Meet Elegance
Day 25

© A.K.SIMON - Admiration, Meet Elegance - 8"x8" oil on Ampersand Panel

I'm trying to get a handle on painting roses and painting white. This is one that I think turned out pretty well. I started this on a totally mid-value solid gray panel to get a mysterious look to the white.

Did you know that giving someone a pink rose is a sign of admiration where red is a sign of love and passion. Give someone a yellow rose and you want to be their friend and white is a sign of pure intentions. I read the book this year, The Language of Flowers, and it was very interesting how a story was woven around the way the Victorians associated specific flowers with human emotion. Elegance comes from that graceful looking spout - reminds me of a swan.

Check out this website for a really neat color of roses chart.

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