Monday, March 12, 2012

Lilacs and Lavender Tea 
Day 31

© A.K.Simon Lilacs and Lavendar Tea Time 11 x 14 oil on clayboard $250

Thank you Donna for being who you are and setting up a still life in class every Tuesday. Some of the unsung heros in the art profession are the ones who have hung in there for years with little or no financial reward or public recognition for the fabulous work they do - unfortunately many of them are women. Many of these teachers have helped thousands of people through the years become better artists and people, Donna is one of those artists! Did you ever wonder why in many workshops 99% of the class is usually women, yet 1% of the artists at the top are women!

I can't remember what else was in this setup because I hone in on a specific area and forget about the rest. This was an experiment with board surface. This is one of those clayboard panels and it does render a really soft looking surface but beware, they drink oil faster than an SUV.

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