Tuesday, January 15, 2013

They Really Are Tall, Aren't They?

©A.K.SIMON - They Really Are Tall, Aren't They? - oil on linen - $60

Did this piece while painting with some friends in the upstairs painting group I join every Tuesday mornings. Donna set this up and all I had with me was a pre-primed gray canvas. So here's what you get when trying to fit a strong vertical into a square - plus being limited on time. I hate winter! The sun goes down so early that I am always losing the light in the studio before I get the paintings finished. Plus, today is payroll tax deposit day. That, along with end of year, quarter and W-2's to file, there is NO extra time. 

Tomorrow will be fun – meeting with a group of artists to do group critiques – should be interesting. Not sure when I will paint.

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