Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Playing "Catch-Up"

©A.K.SIMON - Playing "Catch-Up" - oil on linen - $100

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30 day painting challenge - trying to play "Catch- Up" but at this point I'm sure I've been "lapped"! I don't even remember what # painting this is. I'm still working out the details of my painting series "30 days Hath September" – it will get finished!

So, I love my ketchup (not sure when it changed from catsup) on meat - I rarely eat it with fries. The sweetness of regular ketchup with fries can be sickening. If you feel the same, I've got a solution for you. Heinz has now produced this balsamic vinegar (barely legible in the painting I know) option. It is a strong, more savory flavor than the other kind and I now prefer it, but still only on meat of course. 

Anyway, after using this bottle for dinner (hopefully you can see it sliding down inside the jar from the top) I sat it on the counrter. Then, as we artists know, the call of the light coming through the window lighting up that red made it almost impossible to eat (notice I said almost). I photographed it after dinner and painted it today. Sometimes it takes very little to make me happy - I like this one because I can taste the new flavor when I look at it! The glow in the background is the "kiss" of sun on the fridge in the background.


  1. I've really enjoyed viewing your work. Lovely and fresh.

    1. Thank you Nancy - it's not everyone who can appreciate a bottle of ketchup!


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