Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Billiards NOT Pool

©A.K.Simon - Billards NOT Pool - oil on linen - $125

Painting Theme for the 30-Day Challenge: "30 Days Hath September . . . "

The idea is that I will try to represent some historical fact that happened on each day of September in whatever year I choose. 

Today's Historical Fact: On September 1, 1922 New York City required all "pool halls" to change their name to "billiards"

First, the wet painting disclaimer:  I didn't finish this until 10 PM Eastern Time so getting a decent picture indoors isn't going to happen today. I will post this on Leslie Saeta's blogspot also so you can see everybody's work. (

Okay, so this is the first of the 30-day painting challenge paintings. And Challenge it was. The hand in a "pool" position is pretty contorted. My husband posed at our pool table for the picture and after seeing the picture said, "why didn't you tell me to pull my little finger in." I was just relieved to get the picture at all because he did nothing but complain. I wanted to take a bulb out of the pool table light because the light was too strong. He went to turn the bulb and it exploded in his hand, shocking him and breaking all over the pool table. This made him really cooperative (NOT). After three pictures he said that's enough and went upstairs. Models, they are so temperamental! Oh, and the neat little detail is that I used the 9 ball for the ninth month - hope you noticed before I told you!


  1. This is terrific! I think your theme is very creative and interesting. The picture just stood out in the line up. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Annmarie - today's won't make it on today because I'm working another job today. Hope to get two on tomorrow. I'm having fun riffling through the trivia!

  2. Hubby will laugh in time....because I did! Great idea and it morphed into a very nice painting.

    1. Maybe he will, although he is still wearing the bandaids from the broken glass! Thanks for the kind comments.


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