Monday, January 14, 2013

Room With A View

©A.K.SIMON - Room With A View - 6"x6" oil on linen - $50

Another filler piece in the challenge. I'm posting it today but I will probably touch up a few things tomorrow before I start the next one. It was also too late at the studio to get the good light for a decent picture so I will fix it tomorrow.

This work was done on a panel that I had primed with bright yellow oil paint back in December. I then just covered the whole canvas with purple/brown paint then carved the rose out with "turp". Sometimes this works better for me because it is more like sculpting. Once the underpainting is done I add cool and warm tones where they seem to fit.

I'll take a better picture tomorrow - still working the series pieces too.

A positive thing and one reason I'm behind is that I had work hanging in the plein air show in Springfield Museum of Art and today had to make the trip to bring that work home. Springfield is a little over 60 miles from home. So, today when I was grumbling about making the drive, I remembered that it was an honor to be juried into the show! I snapped out of it!

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