Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Hoffman Homestead

©A.K.Simon - The Hoffman Homestead - oil on cotton - 15"x30" 


The above painting was commissioned by Val, for Bob for Christmas. Whew - he likes it! Commissions are always a special challenge and doubly challenging when it is a gift.

Today I begin the 30-day painting challenge as posted by Leslie Saeta :

In keeping with my desire to drive myself nuts, I have decided to make it doubly challenging by making a history-related theme. I was thinking about 30 day intervals and that led to days of the month and specifically those with 30. So, my theme for the challenge is "Thirty Days Hath September . . . " I have researched things that have happened in the month of September on each day of the month and will relate that event to a small painting (8" x 8"). You would not believe all the things going on each day every year. Some are trivial - some are life changing - they all happened. Tomorrow will start with September 1, 1922.

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