Friday, February 10, 2012

Coming from a Place of Need

© A.K.SIMON - Coming from a Place of Need - 6 x 6 oil - $75

I found these shoes in Robert Warren's studio one day when I wasn't too moved with the still life that was set up so I made my own. They just had such character and sense of history that I was intrigued past. I imagined them belonging to a male child who lived through the depression years. I added the ball and only one jack so I could tie the painting to my concept. Who can play jacks with only one? This child was not only lacking in physical needs but more importantly lacking in a sense of youthful play and spirit which can be and were far more damaging. Many depression era children grew up only knowing how to shoulder responsibility. How sad is it to hunger for a sense of security and not knowing where to turn for help? Many children around Appalachia still wear these shoes. What is our responsibility to them?

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