Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 Euonymous, 2 Euonymous, 3 Euonymous, 4


I never knew that there was a variety of euonymous that produced a berry (I can hear Sheila saying, "I can't believe you don't know that"). So, when our Tuesday morning friends got together to paint, and I saw these little red berries, I was inspired. Turns out you shouldn't get too cozy with them either because they are poisonous - isn't it always the red ones that get you! I've heard it is often confused with bittersweet.

I love this painting. I consider it one of my most successful pieces. I knew it would be a challenge to paint the red on red but the little beige "berry hats" help to frame them. I liked this one so much I used it for our Christmas Card - "Have a Berry Merry Christmas" - what can I say - the red and green work.

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