Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Apples in Leaning Brass Pot


This piece is all about the drama. The lighting was so strong and everything so shiny that it reminds me of those "glitz" pageants on "toddlers and tiaras" (yikes, some of those kids scare me). This pot has a little lean which I almost corrected until I decided that imperfection can be charming - what harm is a little side swagger. I did this piece in the fall so there is a plethora of fall color - including the little baby pumpkin on the left trying for its 10 min. of fame in the spotlight. 

So, when I decided to show red paintings as a precursor to the upcoming valentine holiday I thought it would be difficult. A teacher once told me that a painting isn't finished until you add the red. Apparently I took that to heart because I'm having no trouble finding works with red - the power color. This piece made it as a meritorious entry in the 2011 Small Works exhibit presented by Jack Richeson Art Supply/School. I forgot to mention the other day that the painting, "My Favorite Things" made it in as a meritorious entry this year. 

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