Sunday, January 22, 2017

Separated at Birth (Produce in a Box Series)

©A.K.SIMON - 6"x 6" - oil on gessobord


Here I am again at 11 PM on Sunday night finishing a painting. This the second in the series of "produce in a box." If I wasn't so tired I'd go through my thought process for the series, maybe tomorrow. Don't know how far I'll take it but It's been non stressful. This was done with all brush this time. I also made a trip to Blick today and they had all their Rembrandt paint 40% off so I splurged on a tube of sap green. I always just mix my green with the blues, yellows and reds but this is a pretty green but very transparent. I'm sure you all know that by now, I'm just slow at adding new colors to my palette because they are so pricy! 

I've been no where near getting 23 paintings done at this point! 

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