Friday, January 6, 2017

Real Lemon

©A.K.Simon Art - 7"x5" oil on masonite


Day 6 Painting a Day 

I know I could just whip off a lemon painting very quickly but If I'm going to make this project a true challenge I need to work on some things that really push me. A friend set us this still life a long time ago in our upstairs painting class. There is much more to the still life, teapot, etc. but I narrowed it down to this section. I've used the photo before but I didn't really push the pattern as much as I could have. So, thanks Mary, because I think I got it this time. It's never going to be exact but that's not the point. The point is the shapes following the form to make something believable. 

I tackled this, because I don't know a better way, by painting all the values of the white cloth then added the pattern like calligraphy and just changed values as the planes changed. It really did move along quickly because the form was already there. My work for tomorrow and next day will also include an edible with a patterned cloth. However, I think this may wear me out mentally. It can be pretty intense observation sessions. 

This one's all about the drama and I like that in paintings!

And just cause I like trivia, here's some about lemons:

Just as an FYI, here's the blog where I read about the dibond panels and mentioned it in my post the other day.


  1. Absolutely amazing painting of the fabric pattern and the luscious lemon!

  2. Really impressive for a day’s painting. You have mastered that tool from Blick!

    1. Thanks Laurel. I applied the initial form with the tool then painted the pattern on with a brush.

  3. Absolutely amazing painting of the fabric pattern and the luscious lemon!


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