Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pear Shaped Body Type

©Pear Shaped Body Type, 7"x 5" oil on masonite


Well here we go again! I'm starting the Leslie Saeta 30 in 30 for the months of January. Can't say that I've ever completed the challenge but I can say that it has motivated me at the beginning of the year to try to live up to my own expectations. When I have participated in the past it has invigorated my art spirit. Participating in this challenge opens the door to communication through online relationships, exposure to techniques not yet used and the realization that discipline in daily practice is the only way to get to that point where your mind accepts what you do as worthy of being called art. What's funny about that for me is that several years ago mind thought my art was good and I do like some of the work I produce now but that is an ever changing target and I've come to accept that as the only way to grow. 

I think my theme for this challenge will be "edible" art. No, it's not meant for human consumption but the subject matter should look luscious enough to eat. That said, this first piece is a set up from Tuesday's upstairs painters (you didn't really expect me to paint on New Year's Eve did you?). I always have some kind of plan after I study the subject. I acquired a bunch of 5"x7" masonite panels and wanted to use them all up in this challenge (not sure I have 30). I know they have to be done quickly so I chose to use a spatula that is mostly used by ceramicists. I love these tools and I purchase them at Dick Blick - they get the paint on quick but it takes a little time to gain control. I also used my brand new tubes (I had run out) of gamblin radiants. Santa was generous this year!

Let the games begin!


  1. Well, I join you in not finishing the challenges! I have only finished one, the very first one so long ago but I do keep trying for some of the same reasons you list. I am determined this year though! Lovely lovely work. I like your theme!

    1. That's the spirit! If you've finished one you can do it again! Thanks for your kinds words about my work.


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