Friday, December 13, 2013

"Two Slices of Life"

©A.K.SIMON - "Hydor Angos" (water vessel) - 8" x8" oil on linen - $100


Well. it's been awhile since you've heard from me! There's a saying, "life is what happens while you're busy making plans." I've probably mentioned it before but it's worth repeating. 2013 has proved to be a very challenging year for our family and blogging, facebook, twitter and even artwork have taken a back seat. It started in April with personal health issues and culminated In the month of October when we lost two of our family members to illness (cancer and heart disease). As much as you try to just accept the fact that death is a part of life, that acceptance doesn't come easy. This October my son-in-law lost his mother and my brother-in-law lost his wife (this all happened in the same week). 

I once read a book about the dynamics of change. There is no escaping it. and it can be very volatile, painful or almost immeasurable. The older I get, the more I hate it - or do I love it? With it I exist, without it I don't. My heart aches for my family members for what we are going through but I don't believe death is final - we may walk together for awhile in learning and preparation but at some point we must all part to face the ultimate reason for our existence. 

I know the skeptics will say that my faith is just a crutch to deal with the harshness of life. To them I say, "thank God!" Have you ever tried to walk on a broken ankle without a crutch? 

This painting is dedicated to two wonderful moms/sisters/wives/friends who have just lived out their slice of life and proved to be good and faithful servants.

Good bye Cheryl and Georgie, Merry Christmas!

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