Friday, October 18, 2013

Diffusing the Situation

© A.K.Simon - Diffusing The Situation - 8"x8" oil on cotton $100


These are those diffuser wicks that add aroma without burning. These were sitting in a vase that was placed in front of a framing mat. I just liked the contemporary look of the color, and being a graphic designer, I am always attracted to "grid like" lines behind an object. Plus, I thought it was kind of funny that the vase actually looks like the bombs they always used in the old cartoons like Wylie Coyote. Is it sad that I actually wanted him to catch that Road Runner at least once?

I did this piece on cotton instead of my usual linen and I had a really hard time taking a photo of it while it is wet because of the fabric texture. This is exactly why I don't usually paint on cotton because I feel the texture of the surface competes with the design when it is very simple like this one.

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