Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Power of One Candle

©A.K.SIMON - The Power of One Candle - oil on linen $200

This painting was painted as my annual Christmas card. Every year I try to think of something that is easily recognizable as a symbol of peace and love in any language. This year it's the candle (of course the Merry Christmas and name enhancement are "photoshoped" in). Think of how many times a candle saved you from falling when the electricity failed you during a storm. There is such symbolism in the simplicity of one candle. I was reminded tonight at the Christmas Eve service of the book that Mother Teresa wrote called Come Be The Light. It was an epiphany as to what this painting means to me. It is to be the light that serves as comfort not the angst of darkness, serve a purpose of good and most of all be selfless and nonjudgemental. Mother Teresa was such a light in so many lives - her glow definitely came from within a loving heart!  Happy Holidays and my wish is that we all "be the light" whenever possible!

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