Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Dead of Winter

©A.K.SIMON - The Dead of Winter - oil on canvas - $250 w/frame - 12" x 12"

This is a service road at Three Creeks Metro Park where I walk my dog. The snow had just fallen overnight and the sky looked like there would be more coming at any moment. I love the "quiet" of snow so we bundled up and ventured out with camera of course. I do some plein air work but this snow was way too deep and the air was way too cold! We were the only one's in the park that day - how lucky are we? Anyway, the title has dual meaning. Of course chronologically it is the dead of winter but if you look closely there is one of those orange bands that the park rangers use to mark diseased or broken trees for removal in the spring. So, morbid as I am (not really), it seemed akin to a toe tag on someone in the morgue (body on ice). So here you have it, the "dead" of winter being presented to you in the "dead of winter". Plus, a painting can't be finished without red, right? I used weird colors for this one - radiant blue, greenish umber, burnt umber, cobalt violet and tons of white. This is really impasto which may or may not show because of differing monitors.

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