Friday, December 21, 2012

I Wish I Had a Coat

©A.K.SIMON - I Wish I Had a Coat - oil on panel - $100

Though I did this piece a while ago it seemed most appropriate for the day that the world is predicted to end as we know it. All you can do it brace yourself for what may come. Now you know I really am just kidding, right? It's mostly about drastic weather changes in Ohio. Last week it was 60 and lovely - today we expect 3" of snow and the winds were raging last night. 

This work is a really quick study of a student at Capital University where I took some classes with Michael McEwan, the resident artist. The model had her sleeves pulled down around her hands and thank goodness (since mouths are so hard to paint) she had her mouth covered. What you don't see are her ipod ear buds because she likes to listen to music while she poses. The work is done on one of those slippery panels that do nothing but work against your efforts at applying paint. I like the spontaneity of this piece and found I did not want to touch it after the 45 minute initial sketch because I would lose the spontaneity. All the movement of the brush strokes is like the energy her body is expelling to generate heat.


  1. You nailed it! 45 minutes? I'm impressed. You got her position just right, and managed to make it look cold and still inject some wonderful color. What kind of panel did you use that was slippery and unpleasant. You need to save the rest of us!

  2. Thanks LS: I love linen but this day I was given a smooth surface gessoboard to try because I didn't have an extra panel with me. I like smooth but this surface is almost like glass with no "grab". I would probably gesso it a couple layers then sand it before I tried one again. I'm sure it is just me, but I do kind of like that the struggle with the paint shows in the painting.


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