Monday, May 7, 2012

Renegade Blossom

© A.K.SIMON - Renegade Blossom - Oil on Linen Panel - $55

The most striking part of this setup for our Tuesday morning "Upstairs Painters" group was the stark contrast of the one renegade blossom that stood in stark contrast to the vessel. I have been told that it is good to repeat shapes in a painting for the benefit of harmony. So, the large red light on the vessel mimics the shape of the renegade blossom and the positive shape of the leaf peaking from behind the pot on the left is a "positive puzzle piece form" that fits in the negative space in the top, brightest area of the vessel (just picture it with the point up). Trying to mimic shapes without being so obvious was the goal. I think it works.

Hubby (and self proclaimed art critic) thinks I should have shown more of the vessel because it is too ambiguous but I say, "come on, you really can't tell this is a plant flowing out of the pot and all the edges are covered (left brainers - gotta love em, they keep us balanced)?"

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