Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Really Red Roses

© A.K.SIMON - Really Red Roses - oil on masonite - SOLD

My favorite time of year is when each day brings a new flower to paint. Yeah, I know they've been done to death but I can't help myself. This spring, because we had such a mild winter, we are having some really beautiful blossoms. My iris look better this year than in the past five. These roses are Donna's and she put them in this white vase for the "Upstairs Painters" today. I just put the finishing touches on them so I could post them for Wed. I like the Victorian feel of these colors today.

My goal for this week was to get some panels pre-primed with oil paint. I've decided that I really like painting on a grayed-back, oil-primed panel. So, instead of throwing away what is left on my palette at the end of the day, I'm just mixing it all together and putting it on panels with the palette knife. They are really nice to paint on in a few days. Also, all the grayed mixture that doesn't get used for the panel is put in container to be used as a gray for the next day. This way I'm constantly challenging myself to not be such a slave to the color in front of me but to just play in the colors I have. Only drawback is letting the panels dry for a few days.

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