Saturday, May 26, 2012

Independent Iris

© A.K.SIMON - Independent Iris - 5"x7" Oil - $75

This Iris is the sole survivor of the harsh reality of season change. I thought that as of last week all of the Iris in my garden were spent. However, last night while mowing (not my favorite thing to do) I spotted this lone flower in a remote area of the yard beside a pine tree. Then I remembered (I am easily distracted)! Last year when I thinned the Iris plants I threw some of the rhizomes off to the side to plant later - never did get around to the task. The plant rooted itself and produced this one lone flower under the pine tree. How wonderful is this, to survive in spite of every adversity - an Ohio winter, smothered in pine cones and needles and totally in the shade. It goes to show that some things survive because of our efforts and some in spite of our negligence - nature looks after its own. Since I knew it wouldn't last through this scorching Memorial weekend, I cut it and took it to the studio to paint today - it deserves a memorial as a testament to its tenacity! I have decided not to move the plant.

This work was done on an oil-primed masonite panel. I'm really working on my grays so I concentrated on that today. I like the way everything but the flower is really grayed back to make it sing. Nature is so good at putting complimentary colors together - the yellow and purple are so harmonious and interestingly make gray when mixed. 

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