Monday, May 14, 2012

Of Sturdy Stock

© A.K.SIMON - Of Sturdy Stock - Oil on 5 x 7 masonite panel - $75


The week flew by and before I knew it I had missed blogging almost every day. But it was really worth the extra effort to get the studio cleaned and everything off the floor and on the wall for our first Canal Winchester Art Stroll, It was wonderful - the town was so alive and it was thanks to the art spirit that is abundant here. Thank you so much to everyone who turned out for this event - I heard only positive so I'm guessing it was well received and will happen again.

I finished this piece yesterday morning during open hours at the studio before the event. This plant deserves to be shown in a silver chalice. Why, you ask? About three years ago I planted a beautiful rose bush but I was so sad when it died by the end of summer. They really are needy plants and I obviously didn't provide what it needed. I said my goodbyes, shared my regrets and moved on to something less needy. Two years later there was a strange plant climbing up my fence. It seemed to grow at warp speed and before I could blink there was a full blown climbing wild rose vine all over my fence. So I asked a local rose expert how this could happen (a band of rose squatters perhaps). He said this plant is the "sturdy stock" that they graft hybrid roses to so they will thrive (not sure why mine didn't). So I was once again happy for that lovely rose scent in my garden. I decided I was in love again. I didn't need those big fluffy flowers if these little ones were less needy and smelled the same.

The story turned - by last summer's end I had trimmed this vine 73 times a week (hyperbole of course) and bore the scars of a seasoned veteran as proof. This was after it had consumed the fence, three potentillas and was half way up my profusion crab apple. So, by the end of last summer I was forced to exile the plant from my garden. Sometimes you can love something but you have to let it go for the good of the rest. 

Then it happened, almost like a ghost from the past this plant showed up in Tuesday morning's Upstairs Painters class. What was really weird was that it wasn't in the still life set up - it just lay there on the table daring my to start a new relationship. Did I dare? Should I give it more attention and be consumed by it's "viney" ways and heavenly scent. The proof is in the picture! I have fallen in love again but am a much wiser woman now and it is more of a loving respect for the dependability of this sturdy stock! I will continue to love it from a distance.

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