Monday, February 6, 2012

Three Amigos

Today starts a new chapter in my art career. Yesterday I joined an online gallery called DPW (Daily Paintworks). With this online ability I can not only get my work out faster, I have the ability to auction the work. This week's focus for me is on Red to celebrate Valentine's day. The first work that went to auction just this morning is my post from 2/1. You can get a glimpse of the work in the sidebar under the DPW widget. For those of you who love art, it really is a pleasure to peruse all of the beautiful art pieces that are posted daily. Warning, it can be addicting. I know firsthand!

Three Amigos is another of my favorite pieces. First, because I love red, and second because of the perspective. This plate was such an odd shape that I decided to become "one with it" and run the edges of the plate along the edge of the canvas. So, the shape here is the actual shape of the plate. Three Amigos will start in auction at DPW tomorrow but there are other works that can be purchased directly from my gallery there (it redirects to my website).

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