Friday, February 24, 2012

Contained Cobalt
Day 19

© A.K.SIMON - Contained Cobalt 6" x 6" oil on linen panel

I'm always excited when I see cobalt blue. It is such a vibrant color and commands attention whenever you use it in a painting. I combined cobalt and ultramarine violet to get the actual look of a cobalt glaze. At one point in college I used to mix glazes for pottery and always loved using cobalt in the mix. 

So glad it's Friday - my favorite day of the week - always was - always will be

Have a great relaxing weekend! I'll be seeing my sisters for a "YA YA" get together - that's always good for plenty of laughs, food and shopping. Oh well, girls will be girls! (and I use the term girls loosely) 

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