Saturday, September 20, 2014

Colorado Lark Bunting

©A.K.SIMON - Colorado Lark Bunting - 8"x8" oil on linen $100

Quote for Today: The music soars within the little lark, And the lark soars.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Quotes
30 paintings in 30 days challenge - for more info and to see all the work:
Back from vacation and stepping back into the challenge at day 20 (stepped out at day 7) and I doubt I'll be able to make up for the lost time and be done in 30 days. However, I will continue the theme until it is finished. This is a beautifully simple little bird. One thing I noticed is that it's head is a little larger than others. I've read that a large head means a big brain so perhaps this is one of the smarter birds. This is a black bird but with sunshine on it's back I chose to paint it with more of a reddish/purple black. 
Here's the info about the Lark Bunting: 6-7 1/2" (15-19 cm). Breeding male black, with large white wing patch. Female, immature, and winter male streaked sandy buff above, white below, with white eye line, faint "mustache" stripe, white wing patch (not always visible), and rounded, white-tipped tail feathers.


A canary-like song with loud bubbling sequences and trills interspersed with harsher notes. Call is a 2-note whistle.

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