Monday, September 8, 2014

A Toast to the Sun

©A.K.SIMON - A Toast To The Sun -oil on wood panel -SOLD

Great news at the opening of "Still Life - Not Just An Apple on the Table" at High Road Gallery in Worthington, OH. This pieces won first place. What a rush to have that big blue ribbon hang on your work. Thanks to all the friends who showed up for the event. We had a nice turn out and the show will continue to run until the end of September. Now on to the next blank canvas - does it ever get any easier?

Have to put the bird series on hold for a week because I'll be traveling - but, I'll be back (in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger). 

Sorry the photo is blurry but it was taken at the event with the lighting at the gallery adding a little glare.


  1. awesome use of colors. I like the copper especially!

    1. Thanks, I was out of town and hadn't looked at my blog!


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