Saturday, March 9, 2013

You Bring Out The Best In Me

© A.K.SIMON - You Bring Out The Best In Me - Oil on Panel - $110


I love white vases and I love flowers - what more can I say? Well I guess the vase is not technically white but close enough. I'm working on edges. I read in Richard Schmid's book Alla Prima ( that edge should be included in the elements of design. I'm working on it but know that each subject brings its own set of problems.  If you haven't read this book, you should. It is one of my favorite and one of my favorite lines in the book is regarding talent. It goes like this, "Talent, don't bother about whether or not you have it. Just assume that you do, and then forget about it." He also says, "don't be afraid to learn."

About a year and a half ago I abandoned painting landscapes because I needed to learn more about drawing and painting from life and need to study light. I have come to the conclusion that painting objects from life is the best way to learn these things. I have come to love still life paintings through this process and have a greater respect for artists who do it really well. 

One final point from Richard Schmid regarding confidence, "self-doubt is utterly crippling to painters. Nothing will mess up our efforts more effectively than believing that we lack 'what it takes.' Well, no one knows what it takes, so how could anyone possibly know if they don't have it?" Everybody's a critic, right? Don't let people or sales mess with your head!

PS: I've been working with Leslie Saeta on the Webinarts marketing series so I've been a little lax in painting and posting. I'm trying to create a "brand" so I've replaced the banner at the top of the page with the new one I'm using on FB, Blog and Website (adjunct pages - not home - I've made something similar for that.) Wish me luck, this is a lot of organizing that is long overdue!


  1. Hi A.K. Beautiful rendering on your white vase. Richard's book is a treasure isn't it? It's one of the art books I think I could read everyday and get a worthwhile tip. I just finished Leslie's Webinarts too--Very helpful but I agree lots of overdue organization! Really like your "Patterns of Light" tag and your banner. Cheers from my studio to yours!

    1. Thanks SO - yes, I get Richard's book out all the time when I want inspiration. I'm really liking the Weebly look better than the FASO so far.

  2. Beautiful! Love the reds and grays in this one.
    I love Richard's book too and the best thing I got out of it is his advice to make your color charts. Boring work but oh so useful!

    1. Wow, I'm impressed, you actually made the color charts! I did some of that kind of work in college and haven't been able to bring myself to do it again - yet! Thanks for your kind comments.


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