Friday, March 29, 2013

Radish Rendezvous

© A.K.SIMON - Radish Rendezvous - oil on linen - $100

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Wow, radish leaves wilt really fast! This is a section of a larger still life set up. The radishes just seemed to be congregated around the cup like a group of people gossiping (notice I didn't say only ladies!) around a water cooler. Or, it looks a little bit like cup worship. I can't decide whether this is about the cup or the radishes.

Not much to say tonight. We just got back from a Good Friday service at church and no matter how many times I listen to the story of the crucifixion, it still tears my heart out. I just want to shout, "NO, can't we change the ending this time!" Man's inhumanity to man is unfathomable! We've seen the darkness, now we must look forward to the Light, Easter!  


  1. I really like the softness of your paintings and the beautiful color.


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