Friday, August 24, 2012

Trillium of Ohio

© A.K.SIMON - Trillium of Ohio - 6x6 oil on panel


Back from vacation in Maine, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia - how lucky am I? I feel so fortunate to have taken this vacation this year because we were able to make it all the way up to Cape Breton and I was blown away. Check out the National Geographic article about it - it really is that awesome! When I tell people I took 1,000 pics they say, "oh, but how many did you really take?" I literally took 1006 photos on this trip. Standouts of the "vaca" were: scenery, awesome rental car (we flew into Portland and drove north - leaving from Halifax) and the unbelievably nice Canadians. We did not encounter any grumpy, grouchy people. If you ever get the chance, make this trip into Canada, you won't be disappointed. 

Back to work: This little piece I finished yesterday. The trillium is the Ohio state flower and someone requested that I paint it. It really is pretty small but I wanted to showcase it so I focussed in really close. 

Spent 3 hours in one of the Metro Parks today working on a plein air piece for the upcoming  10th anniversary show for OPAS. 98 degrees today - need I say more! 

©A.K.SIMON - Trillium of Ohio -  6x6 oil on panel 

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