Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Essence of Peony

©A.K.SIMON ART - Essence of Peony - 

I read this quote today and I thought it so aligned with me. "The world is not changed by our opinions but is changed by our love." What speaks more of love than flowers. And is it really the physical appearance of flowers that moves us or the smell, the energy, the garden they come from or the essence. So here you have it. A loose interpretation of the peony. I have worked diligently to make a representation of the peony and have come really close in realism in past attempts. However, maybe I was missing the point. Maybe it wasn't the actual picture perfect rendition of it but rather just being in its presence and soaking in the energy and loving it for what it is without judgement. This rendition is the energetic essence of the peony and I truly love it just as much in its imperfection. Plus the red vase doesn't hurt!

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