Thursday, September 3, 2015

Calla Lily in the Spotlight

©Calla Lily in the Spotlight - 6"x6" on gessobord 


Day #3 in 30 paintings in 30 days.

Calla Lilys are so graceful and if they could be personified I would say they are the "Grace Kelly" of flowers. Such graceful line, perfect posture and if you turn them upside down they even kind of look like her wedding gown (look it up if you haven't seen it). Maybe that's why brides love them in their bouquets.

These are as dramatic as I could possible make them! This one would probably look nice really big.

Some Interesting Facts about Calla lilies
  • The Calla lily is a perennial bulb.
  • Though called a lily, Calla lilies are not really lilies.
  • Calla is a flowering genus of twenty-eight species originating in Africa and growing mostly in marshy areas.
  • Calla lilies are grown from bulbous roots with finger-like growths. These are known as tubers.
  • The blooming time of Calla lilies is late spring.
  • The word Calla comes from the Greek term for beautiful.
  • The Calla lily roots are poisonous.

Growing Calla lilies

  • Plant Calla Lilies deeply for their good size.
  • Plant them at 4 inches deep, spacing each bulb 12 inches apart.
  • Start bulbs indoors in late winter and transplant them in the spring when the danger of frost has passed.
  • Apply a bulb fertilizer every month during the active growing season.
  • Most Calla Lilies need a rest period after flowering.
  • Let the leaves die back and let plants rest for 2 to 3 months.
  • Then again resume watering to encourage new growth.

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