Saturday, November 8, 2014

Unwrapping the Cyclamen

©A.K.SIMON - Unwrapping the Cyclamen - 8"x8" oil on linen

Here's another Red and Green painting. Who knows why this happens but as artists we always tend toward colors that sooth our psyche. Mine seem to be red and green and I am going to make a valiant effort to step outside this comfort zone. I think a challenge for me will be to take a scene and adjust all the colors away from what's in front of me. All of this said, I like this painting and that's mainly because of the bold red and green and the fact that it's a granny smith and it makes the best apple pie. Ahh, it just occurred to me that my sugar addiction is what's driving my color choices. Oh and I am thinking about that carmel apple pie in the kitchen as we speak!

Here's a little fact about cyclamen that I found intriguing:

Did you know?

In antiquity, the cyclamen was recognised for its therapeutic virtues, due to the presence of cyclamine, a bitter substance with purgative powers. It is a basic remedy in homoeopathy for depression, hidden sorrows, or when one is turned in on
I found this out about the cyclamen after I had named it. It sort of gives new meaning to the word "unwrapping" in the title. Coming out of "oneself" is a sort of unwrapping.
Maybe I should have eaten the cyclamen to figure out why I tend toward red and green in all of my paintings! (just kidding - but I could use some more greens in my diet). 

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