Friday, August 30, 2013

Dream Transfer

©A.K.SIMON - Dream Transfer - 8"x8" - $100


This work was a "sand off". A while back a friend returned from Arizona with this piece of horse hair pottery for us to paint in a still life set up on Tuesday morning. I started it but it just didn't have the mystery I needed. So I sanded it off today and started over from the ghost image. I didn't have a reference photo to work from because the battery on my tablet died and I left my charger cord somewhere - ugh! Amazon to the rescue - I can get it for $9 but speedy shipping brings it to $20 - really! And no, Verizon nor Radio Shack carry the one I need.

OK, enough whining, I did the piece from memory and tried to get the feel I wanted. It's amazing how dependent we can become on our reference material. I'm reminded of Robert Henri's book, The Art Spirit where he speaks about making students go in a room, review the subject then leave the room to paint what they remember. I'm going to try to do this more often. I think this is probably a speedy way to gaining a handle on my own voice. 

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