Friday, June 21, 2013

Plucked Petunias by the Pitcher

©A.K.Simon - 10"x10" oil on birch panel, 2" cradle - $125

Another still life setup by Donna (well part of it anyway) and I always have fun painting white. So finally today I am posting a pic of the actual set up so you can see my editing. I am pretty much sold on square paintings and rarely paint any other shape these days. I'm not quire sure why. Anyway, the setup usually has to be edited to fit my composition. This piece, as most of the others was started was started from life and finished today in my studio. I just didn't have time to finish it before visiting my daughter in North Dakota. It was a beautiful visit and all I can say is, "Why Not Minot." The visit went "waaaay too fast."

I feel there were some tough decisions in this paintings, i.e., do I include all of those little details on the vase and still include the lace. I did but I'm not sure if I'm sold on the details. This piece is on birch and I find I really love a wood surface even though I didn't "scrape" as much on this one as I usually do.

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