Friday, May 17, 2013

Lilacs on the Sill

©A.K.SIMON ARt - Lilacs on the Sill - 8"x8" OIl on Linen  SOLD

A good friend and fellow artist lost his mother last year at the age of 99. A week ago when we were in his studio - which is the place where the "upstairs painters" meet every Tuesday to paint - we placed a vase that had belonged to his mother in the window with the first blooming lilacs of the season. Here is my interpretation of the "lilacs on the sill".

I was just thinking as I posted this that Robert's studio is just a "treasure trove" of still life objects and how fortunate I am to live in a community full of artists! Makes you kind of believe you're right where you should be, right?

PS: The pollen is really high this year and the lilac bushes are loaded with blossoms!

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