Friday, April 19, 2013

Fresh From The Greenhouse

©A.K.SIMON - 8"x8" oil on linen - $100

One of the showiest flowers I know is the pansy. They can get kind of "leggy" if left too long in their "training pot" but wow do they say, "look at me". Their vibrant colors are irrisistable to me. In Ohio they are being planted right now because they can withstand the cooler weather until May when all the other more tender flowers can be set. Some people don't know that pansies will bloom in winter in Ohio. There is nothing more lovely than seeing a pansy against a backdrop of snow. Dead of summer though - they will be toast! Here's some info on pansies just for the heck of it. Those are some yellow gerbera daisies peeking in from behind.

Back to the art: Still using my favorite fine linen canvas and have begun experimenting more with my "spatula" brush. I have also added a Rembrandt aqua to my palette to kind of "mess around" with green. Green is my nemesis and I am determined to someday master it - until then - charting the experience!

Just a little editorial to vent:Each spring I tell my husband, "as long as we see the flowers blooming there is still hope." In light of this past week's dismal outlook of "man's inhumanity to man" in Boston, hope may be buried deep. But, it's my belief that man's humanity to man will arise out of the depths of despair and shine far brighter than any evil that can attempt to break his spirit! Check out this quote from Robert Henri's The Art Sprit on the landing page of my website . I have it there to remind me that something far greater than our petty differences and barbaric tendencies is always happening under the radar. What is the ultimate goal as an artist in perpetuating a life beyond atrocities! (Guard the good and beauty with your heart and very soul!)

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