Friday, February 8, 2013

Cup O' Joe and Avocado 

©A.K.SIMON - Cup O' Joe and Avocado - 8"x8" oil on linen - $100

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So, what I've heard is that emerald green is one of the pantone colors of the year (another is a cobalt blue looking color). Interestingly enough, I did not hear that until a day after starting this painting. Donna had a still life all ready when we showed up for class Tuesday and I just happened to have a pre-toned red canvas in my box (love red & green paintings and I never choose a painting because it is the current trend color - just me). The art planets aligned themselves for one brief moment - using a color that is supposed to be popular, a red canvas all ready to go, some pre-mixed grays from the previous painting and I love avocados. They are especially good with cottage cheese and tuna or fajita beef, red onion and a little olive oil and salt - yum!

Two guesses (and I'm sure you won't use them both) as to what color this was after two hours of painting (yuk). How can something go so bad so fast ? This avocado also had a "ginormous" seed. 

I don't plan my Tuesday morning paintings - I don't draw them in either. I study the scene, and figure out a composition for a  square canvas and start painting. Sometimes I come up with an intimate little picture like this that I really like. And, sometimes I come up with "crap" but I like the challenge of winging it! 


  1. Love the composition.....makes me want to set down and join ya... ....enjoying a cup of coffee

    1. Thanks Mary - Wish you were back here but from what I see on FB you're having a great time in Florida!


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